Transmuting limiting beliefs, karmas & traumas to embody our radiant Light and consciously co-create our 5D experience.

"I’ve received Reiki and several sound baths from Àurea. My experiences with her have been nothing short of transcendent, uplifting, moving and even magical. During one of my first sound baths with her, I experienced meeting one of my beautiful spirit guides. In a separate session, I experienced astral travel where I was able to release past life traumas. She’s helped me release strong attachments to unhealthy relationships and habits. Since having worked with Àurea and more specifically post our Reiki session, my overall energy and mood has felt lighter, peaceful and more loving. Àurea radiates a loving, compassionate, truthful and authentic energy. She is no trendy healer, she’s the real deal. I feel blessed to have been led to her and her beautiful approach to healing. She is a powerful healer who has mastered her intuition and ability to cater to one’s unique healing needs. I will continue to seek her for guidance, assurance and genuine love. Thank you Àurea. You are a goddess! "

- Gladys B.

Hi, I’m Aurea

I am a Magdalene Priestess and Reiki Master in the Usui, Rose & Magdalene lineages, as well as an intuitive, sound healer and am well versed in a variety of energy healing modalities. It is my honor to be using my gifts to hold sacred containers for the healing and transformation of my fellow Starseeds.

I employ the channeling of cosmic light frequencies, sound, tantric breathwork, mantras and meditation to allow us to shed the layers of who we think we are and embody the truest and fullest essence of ourselves - the YOU your Soul came here to be.