Embodying Creation thru Sound

"Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the Universe.” – P. Yogananda

Everything that we can see and touch, in this physical reality, has an energetic template from which it was made manifest in the material world. In the Genesis, there is a word that is translated as “In the Beginning” – B’resheet. However, a more holistic and complete translation of B’rsheet would be – Creation creating infinitely. The first sentence of the Creation story is B’resheet

In many of the Creation myths and stories around the world, it is said that sound or vibration is what manifested the Unseen into the realm of the Seen. There is great power in the word and in the sound/vibration that we speak into existence. Our thoughts become our words which in turn creates our physical experience. THIS is the power we hold within. We are energetic beings and we can, and do, create – constantly. We are in this state of B’resheet – ‘creation creating infinitely’.

The questions that arise are: What are we creating? and Are we creating consiously or allowing our past karmas/traumas to do our creation for us??

Through this virtual retreat we will delve into the Cosmic Womb of Creation and uncover what is holding us back from fully embodying our creation power and we will start the process of transmuting and liberating these dense energies so that we may be active, conscious participants in our Creation story, in sacred union with the Divine and with our Soul. 

During our 2-2.5 hours in this sacred space, we will dive into:

Learning Wisdom Teachings on Creation and our role in the Creation story

Learning the Wisdom held within specific Aramaic Letters

Numerology of 11/11/2023

Movement Meditations

Conscious Breathwork

Celestial Communication

Chanting Sacred Mantras

Sound & Energy Healing

*Lifetime Access to Coursework, Practices, Meditations & Sound/Energy Healings

About Aurea & the Embodying Creation thru Sound Workshop

Aurea is an Ordained Magdalene Priestess and Reiki Master in the Usui, Rose & Magdalene lineages. She is an Intuitive, Energy & Sound Healer who holds sacred space for cosmic frequencies to flow, allowing us the space to open ourselves to higher wisdom, healing and embodying the fullest expanse of our Soul. She works to support and empower us in the healing of our Sacred Wombs, as this is the space where we hold karmas, traumas and patterns of being & limiting beliefs. The more we release karmas, traumas and limiting beliefs, the more we create space to allow our Soul to lead into greater Union with the Divine, manifesting our Malkootah - our heavenly

king/queen-dom - in our Now!

There are certain days. every month, every year, that serve as powerful energetic portals supporting an acceleration in our healing and our spiritual growth and expansion. The 11/11 Portal is one such powerful date! Everything that is physical, first began it's journey in the energetic realms. Today, we align with the frequency and vibration of Creation in order to seed our desires and bring them down into the material realms.

Remember, that although we "view" time as linear - time is truly cyclical and eternal - ever renewing, ever creating, ever manifesting... Therefore, we can tap into the energy of a portal at any point in physical time. ;)

11/11/2023 11AM EST

*Our workshop will be recorded on Zoom & the replay will be uploaded within a couple hours of completion of our work together*

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Reclaim your power and sovereignty!

Embody the infinite Light of your Soul!!