Womb Healing Sound Activation

Many of us walk around disconnected. Feeling a general malaise and/or ill at ease in our bodies, uncomfortable expressing our emotions. We have difficulties creating healthy boundaries. We have trouble speaking our truth. We may even suffer from physical symptoms such as PCOS, discomfort and pain during our periods, issues conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy - to name a few. We have been taught to disconnect from our bodies, from the Earth & from the Cosmic Light/God/Goddess/Source Consciousness.

Our Sacred Wombs hold the patterns, karmas and traumas we've inherited from the women in our lineage, our family, our ethnic group, our culture, even the land we were born on. But when we connect with her, we will realize that while our physical and energetic wombs may hold all this "stuff" - we have a womb that is even more ancient, powerful, whole and pristine - and by channeling this energy we purify our physical and energetic wombs and our bodies.

This Sound Healing Activation is a reclaiming of our wisdom, our power and our infinite ability to birth worlds! I have lovingly created this activation to support you in beginning the process of shedding limiting beliefs, traumas and emotional blocks that are keeping you from embodying your infinite Light, your Soul's Light.

Give yourself the permission to embody and radiate your Light!

About Aurea

Aurea is a Reiki Master in the Usui Holy Fire, Rose & Magdalene lineages, Magdalene Priestess & Sound Healer. She is passionate about supporting people in (re)awakening to their infinite power and wisdom and creating a safe container for them to step into the fullest expression of their Soul.

Our limited human experience would have us believe that we are physical beings that happen to have an eternal spark, our Soul. But the truth is that we are infinite Energetic Beings, having an Earthly experience, as a human being. When we can open ourselves to the truth of our nature - that we are infinite beings - who have momentarily forgotten our connection to God/Goddess/Source, remember and reawaken to this truth of our nature - our lives are transformed. We know and understand that we are in a state of constant creation and that our experience can be molded and reshaped as we desire, in alignment with our Soul and God/Goddess/Source.

Energy and Womb Healing sessions, and Sound Healings, serve to support us in this process of re-membering and realigning with the purest, most fundamental part of ourselves.

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Enjoy your Womb Healing Sound Activation!