Welcome to Become Magnetic!!

In this 3-part Intensive, we are going to delve into ourselves and begin lovingly clearing out what no longer serves us.

Session 1 will be focused on the first 3 chakras:



Solar Plexus

Session 2 will be focused on the Heart & High Heart chakras

Session 3 will be focused on the final 3 chakras:


Third Eye



Be in a open, heart-centered space

Be in a quiet, undisturbed place

Be in a space where you can lie down comfortably

Have a pen & journal for any notes or insights

Have headphones, an eye mask & pillow/blanket - especially for the Sound/Energy Healing portion

Have your favorite crystals

Clear your space with your smudging, incense and/or your intention

Do your best to limit your consumption of sugar, alcohol, processed foods

Eat nutrient-dense foods

Drink plenty of water

If you feel called, create an altar for your work

Complete and Continue